Free Radicals and OH Radicals diagramFree Radicals and OH Radicals are atoms and molecules that are deficient in electrons. These molecules they steal electrons from other stable molecules as they bump into them.

When a stable molecule loses electrons, it becomes a Free Radical itself and begins a chain reaction.Free radicals are quite important in chemical processes.

The Bio-Oxygen Process produces clouds of electrons. As the Free Radicals and OH Radicals flow through the electron shower, they receive all the missing electrons they need. The Bio-Oxygen Process extinguishes Free Radicals by making them whole again.

Free Radicals and OH Radicals cannot exist in a Bio-Oxygen installation. Free Radicals are detrimental to good health and have been associated with Cancer, Heart Disease and Premature Aging.


In highly populated areas air pollution is a problem. The reaction of sunlight with hydrocarbons, ozone and nitrogen compounds are released via exhaust from automobiles. This pollution is a major health problem and can cause disease and illness with children being the most susceptible.

OH Radicals

OH radicals is hydroxide ion in a neutral form. Hydroxyl radicals easily form into hydroxyl groups and are short lived and also highly reactive.


These atoms are neutralised using the Bio Oxygen process, as it replaces the missing electrons, the Free Radicals cease to exist.