Air Treatment Case Studies

See the extensive range of independently performed air treatment case studies of the Bio-Oxygen air treatment process. Read several reports on the performance our treatment options. These reports outline the efficiency of the Bio-Oxygen air treatment process. Reports cover Bio-Oxygen air treatment units installed in various locations around the world. Users were asked to comment on the efficiency of the system as well as scientific testing on the air quality when our air treatment systems are being used.

If you are considering installing an air treatment system in your business or building, these reports are a valuable tool in deciding which air treatment service would suit you best. Also contact us for any further information and other reports. You can also request access to our client area, which has downloads to assist you with your choice.

Our worldwide locations mean your air treatment system representative will be local. Bio Oxygen has installed these air treatment systems around the world and we can provide a solution to your air quality/contamination problems.

Independent reports and findings on the Bio-Oxygen process and the Bio-Oxygen product range or air purifiers and air sterilisers.

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