Bio-Oxygen News and Air Treatment Comparisons

Read our Bio-Oxygen News and air treatment comparisons. Here you will find articles and news items relating to the Bio-Oxygen process and how it can improve the air quality in your next project. Bio-Oxygen news is a great place to compare air filters, air sterilisation and other air treatments as we have a lot of information pertaining to various air purification and sterilisation methods.

We specialise in:

Air sterilisation: Sterilising the air in buildings where it is imperative that disease is not spread. Viruses can spread through the air conditioning system and the Bio-Oxygen process eliminated the virus using the current air conditioning systems.

Air Purification: Removing contaminants from the air with the Bio-Oxygen process is an efficient way of treating the air. Air inside buildings can be contaminated by cigarette smoke,  pet dander, dust, virus and bacteria. Contamination can present as molds and many other unwanted bacteria. The Bio Oxygen process removes and eliminates these to keep the air clean and fresh.

Odor/Odour Control: Places such as food processing plants and water treatment facilities need to keep odours under control. They must prevent odours they produce from contaminating the surrounding areas. The Bio-Oxygen air treatment system is placed in the plant to eliminate those odors before they get outside.

More information about the Bio-Oxygen process can be found here.

Bio-Oxygen Europe - Editor’s Choice Awards Finalist

Bio-Oxygen Europe – Editor’s Choice Awards Finalist

Bio-Oxygen Europe has been nominated and become an Editor’s Choice Awards Finalist at the UK Food Processing Awards 2017. These awards are attended by the UK’s elite food producers nationwide. […]

Breathing Difficulties

Breathing Difficulties

Breathing difficulties caused by contaminated air inside office buildings can cause a range of medical respiratory problems. Many people have breathing difficulties and other medical problems. Some of these medical […]

Smoking Rooms

Smoking Rooms

Will cigarette ash in air conditioned smoking rooms be removed by the Bio-Oxygen process? It is imperative to get the correct filter to remove cigarette ask from your smoking area. […]

Bio-Oxygen to Exhibit at  HVAC in Europe

Bio-Oxygen to Exhibit at HVAC in Europe

HVAC 2016 is the only show in the UK dedicated to heating, ventilation & air conditioning. This show attracts a vast amount of industry professionals including HVAC installers, engineers, contractors, […]

chytridiomycota fungus

Microorganisms and Microbes

A majority of this planets living material is made up of microorganisms and microbes. Microorganisms, also known as microbes, are microscopic, single celled organisms. Made from either a single cell […]

Bio-Oxygen units installed for sick building syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome is a term used to describe a number of symptoms experienced by people who work or live in a building. The symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome are […]

Air purifiers remove toxic contaminants from air

Air Purification

Air purification is a primary service from Bio-Oxygen. Our range of products clean and sterilise the air in your building or business. Our Bio-Oxygen systems are installed in some of […]

Air Sterilisation

Air Sterilisation

Using effective air sterilisation techniques is important in the prevention of infections. This is especially true in health care settings. There are a number of articles published which document improper […]

Bio Oxygen is pure air

Carbon Filter Vs Bio-Oxygen

Carbon Filter Vs Bio-Oxygen: lets examine how carbon filters stack up against the Bio-Oxygen process. Carbon Block Filters or Carbon Granule Filters are often used to remove Odours, Gases and […]

Carbon Dioxide and The Bio -Oxygen Process

Carbon Dioxide and The Bio -Oxygen Process

Carbon Dioxide and The Bio -Oxygen Process. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) decays naturally at a certain rate, however, the Bio-Oxygen Process speeds up the decay of Carbon Dioxide and therefore Carbon […]

Free radicals and OH radicals are eliminated during the bio oxygen process

Free Radicals and OH Radicals

Free Radicals and OH Radicals are atoms and molecules that are deficient in electrons. These molecules they steal electrons from other stable molecules as they bump into them. When a […]

Microbiological Induced Corrosion MIC

Microbiological Induced Corrosion MIC

Microbiological Induced Corrosion MIC Microbiological Induced Corrosion MIC causes metals and concrete to crumble and lose it’s stability. This type of corrosion is caused by bacteria and can cause havoc […]

Virus and Bacteria - Death of the Micro-organism

Virus and Bacteria – Death of the Micro-organism

Virus and Bacteria – Death of the Micro-organism Virus and bacteria can be present in air supply and can be spread through air conditioning systems. In order to keep the […]

Respirable Particles & Clean Rooms

Respirable Particles & Clean Rooms

What are Respirable Particles and What is a Clean Room Used For? Respirable Particles are microscopic particles up to 0.10 micron in size and consist mainly of organic material. A […]

HEPA Filter Compared to Bio-Oxygen

HEPA Filter Compared to Bio-Oxygen

HEPA Filter vs Bio-Oxygen If you are wondering how HEPA Filter Compared to Bio-Oxygen, you will find many differences. HEPA filter stands for high-efficiency particulate arrester. HEPA is a mechanical […]