Commercial Kitchen Exaust Systems

Filtering odours from food preperation and cookingCommercial kitchen exhaust systems ensure the bad odours from repeated cooking are contained and neutralised before they exit the building. Commercial kitchen nuisance odours are common, especially in areas where there are larger populations. This is why commercial kitchen exhaust systems are an essential part of professional kitchens. Restaurants pop up in residential areas. The odours are pumped into the community, much to the dismay of residents.

Managing odours before they are dispersed into the surrounding air is critical. A commercial kitchen exhaust system is essential. The Bio-Oxygen process takes place inside the air conditioning system, cleansing and sanitising the air before it’s returned to the outdoors. Using low-emission processing along with a good housekeeping approach treats odours before they become a problem. This also helps to keep foul odours to a minimum.

Restaurant kitchens usually cook many meals simultaneously and with the preparation of an array of different foods, come different odours. As foods cook, odours often intensify as does the waste from flames and various burning foods. When these smells combine, they can be rather unpleasant. Our commercial kitchen exhaust system cleans the air from the bad smells.

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Keeping Commercial Kitchens Safe with Clean Air

air flow is important when filtering odoursThe Bio-Oxygen Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Process injects Oxygen Clusters into the exhaust stack. The Oxygen Clusters react with the Odours, Gases and Chemicals in the exhaust duct in seconds.

The higher the pressure in the exhaust duct, the faster the reaction will be. Usually, the pressure in an exhaust duct is quite high. In a BioOxygen installation, Oxygen Cluster Air is injected into the Polluted Exhaust Air. The Oxygen Cluster Pipe and the Exhaust Pipe merge into one Duct where the reaction takes place.

The Bio-Oxygen Process causes a chemical reaction between the Oxygen Clusters and the odours, gases and chemicals. The Bio-Oxygen Process works at the molecular level. Carbon Filters are a negative odour treatment because they only absorb odours. They don’t actually change or do anything to the odours and chemicals themselves.

The performance and efficiency of a Carbon Filter is on a declining curve. Compared to the Bio-Oxygen Process remains constant for the duration of the service period.