MK2 Odour Control Unit

Backed by Science

omodel_mk2Sewage, Grease Traps, Kitchen Exhaust, Garbage, Toilets, Fertilisers, Farm Animals, Fermentation, Spoilage and Rotting etc.
Chemical Odours from:
Paints, Varnishes, Thinners, Adhesives, Glues, Plastics, Waxes,
Carpets, Disinfectants, Deodorants and Perfumes etc. and from
thousands of other chemicals, substances and material used and
stored in buildings and factories.


Many if not most odours are produced by Bacteria and other Organisms. The Bio-Oxygen Process kills the organisms that cause odours such as Bacteria, Fungus, Yeast, Mould, Mildew, Spores, Viruses, Protozoa and other Organisms. The Bio-Oxygen Process treats the cause (Bacteria) as well as the effect (Odours).

The Bio-Oxygen Process does not remove airborne Particulates, Aerosols, Steam, Oil,
Grease or Wax because these pollutants should be removed with an Electrostatic
Precipitator (EP).

The combined concentration of Particulates, Aerosols, Steam, Oil,
Grease and Wax in the exhaust air should not exceed 10 ug/m3 (10 microgram per cubic
meter), collected on a 0.10 micron pore size test membrane.

The capacity and sizing of the Bio-Oxygen equipment is assessed:
[a] on the maximum likely concentration of odours, gases and chemicals.
[b] Particulates, Aerosols, Oil & Was contained in the exhaust gases.
[c] Temperature and Humidity of the exhaust gases
because all these factors are a load over and above the pollutants in the exhaust air.

Using the Latest Technology


The Bio-Oxygen Process removes Odours, Gases, Chemical Fumes and Vapours in 5 -15 seconds.

Organic Odours from:
The Bio-Oxygen Process injects Oxygen Clusters into a Sewerage Pit, Grease Trap, Kitchen Exhaust etc and as the Polluted Air and Oxygen Cluster Air mix, a chemical reaction takes place in the duct between the Pollutants and the Oxygen Clusters.

model square mkiiThe Oxygen Clusters react with the Odours and Chemical Fumes in 5 – 15 seconds. The electron tubes are installed in the path of clean outside air and the polluted air does not come into the contact with the electron tubes so that the Bio-Oxygen electron tubes always stay clean.

Once the Oxygen Clusters have bonded with an odour molecule, the Oxygen Clusters continue to act on the odours, gases and chemicals in mid air and the odours
diminish over 5 – 15 seconds.

The odours can only travel as far as the air currents and wind can carry the odours in 5 – 15 seconds but along the way, the odours diminish and in up to 15 seconds, the odours are gone.

The Bio-Oxygen Process is a positive process that works at the molecular level. Carbon Filters, Scrubbers and Biomass Filters are all negative processes because they only absorb the odours and don’t do anything to the odours themselves.

With the Bio-Oxygen Process, up to 99% odour reduction may be targeted because as long as there is an excess of Oxygen Clusters, there can be no residual odours. Please ask Bio-Oxygen for a cost estimate to treat your particular odour emissions.