The Model 7000

Model 7000 bio oxygen air treatment system

The model 7000 Bio-Oxygen air treatment system is designed specifically for hospital use. A popular choice for  operating theatres, the Model 7000 keeps the air sanitised to avoid the spread of disease. Also used in casinos, this model powers through the dirtiest air and provides a safe working environment.

‘Bio-Oxygen’ Electron Generator Model 7000 units are simply placed inside the mixing plenum of an air handling unit where they continually decontaminate, disinfect and deodorise the supply air as the air mixes and flows through the mixing plenum.

The Bio- Oxygen units are interlocked with the supply air fan of the air handling unit so that they automatically switch on/off with the supply fan, without fail.

(a)    for medium to large Central Air Conditioning Systems
(b)    for light to medium Odour Control (Dining Rooms, Pet Shops, Vets etc).

MODEL 7000

•    Manual Model (for light Odour Control applications).
•    Manual Model (for Air Conditioning Applications).
•    Models with 5 or 10 Electron Tubes

BIO-OXYGEN – The Intelligent Air Purifier


Bio-Oxygen units are available with sockets for 7 to 1 electron tubes, depending on the needs of the client. The Electron Tubes simply screw into the sockets on the generator. Bio-Oxygen units are light and portable and may simply be unplugged and moved from AHU to AHU or site to site. Electrode sizes are as follows 300mm / 250mm /200mm The tube size depends on available space in the duct or plenum.T.


Bio-Oxygen units may easily be retro-fitted to any existing air conditioning unit without structural changes. An access panel (min. size 500 x 400 mm) in the return air plenum of the air conditioning unit is required so that the Bio-Oxygen unit may be placed and accessed inside the plenum. A power point is required inside the plenum. The power point must be interlocked with the supply air fan of the air handling unit so that the Bio-Oxygen unit switches on/off with the supply fan, without fail.
CONTROLS & FEATURES (Manual & Auto Models)
* On/Off Switch
* Fuse Holder
* Circuit Breaker
* Control Light
* Rotary Switch to vary the size of the Oxygen Clusters from small to large Clusters in 11 steps.
* Socket for connection to BMS, CCMS or SCADA for remote monitoring.
* Socket for External Remote Control Light (up to 3 meters long)
* Twin Dials to vary the quantity of Oxygen Clusters from 00% to 100% in steps of 1%.
* Electron Sensor
* Provided on Manual and Auto Model. Other controls and features on Auto Model only.


After the warranty period, the Bio-Oxygen equipment is serviced when the Customer enters into an Electron Tube Exchange Contract with Bio-Oxygen. The Electron Tube Exchange Contract provides for:

•    Yearly exchange of Electrode Tubes
•    Parts Replacement and Repairs during the year
•    Breakdown Service

Without an Electron Tube Exchange Contract, Bio-Oxygen may service the equipment at Bio-Oxygen’s sole discretion, without priority, at current service rates and provided that the customer has not tampered with the Bio-Oxygen equipment. The customer is responsible for the on-going replacement of the air filters specified by Bio-Oxygen.