Sewage Plant Odor Treatment

Treating odours from wastewater facilities is a challenging area. Sewage plants collect effluent for treatment from nearby industrial and residential areas. Treatment levels vary from one plant to another but they all produce foul odors.

Our expertise and unique air filtration methods are both safe and economical. Bio oxygen have proven technologies which have been effective in treating and controlling wastewater treatment plant odours.

Foul odours from effluent water can escape from manholes and other exits in the ground. These odors must be treated by a specialist who understand the entire process.

Bio-Oxygen has developed an odour control technology which has been installed at major waste water treatment plants all over the world.

We have installed our Bio-Oxygen Drop In Plant Room which has been specifically developed for water and sewerage treatment plants.

The Drop In Plant Room is scale-able technology that is easily able to handle all types of odors. The Bio-Oxygen air treatment system treats odours from the smallest, most remote plants to massive waste water treatment plants located in major metropolitan areas.

Sewer gasses are odorous and can be acidic, which has been known to cause signifigant health problems. These problems are exacerbated when sewerage treatment plants are located closer to residential areas and schools.

The drop-in plant room is a specialist solution that has proven popular, especially in the Middle East.

Contact our Dubai office for more details on this technology and how we can customise it to suit your wastewater facility.

bio oxygen drop in plant room odour control system 1
bio oxygen drop in plant room odour control system 2
bio oxygen drop in plant room odour control system 3
bio oxygen drop in plant room odour control system 4