Read reports from tests performed on the bio-oxygen process in removing tobacco from the air

Tobacco Smoke Removal Reports

Tobacco smoke is still prevalent in some areas of pubs and clubs, as well as in private buildings. Keeping the smoke out of the other parts of the building can be challenging. The Bio Oxygen air purification and sterilisation process removes tobacco smoke and it’s odour from the air quickly and efficiently. The offending microbes and odour are moved at the molecular level, and clean, fresh air is pumped back into the building.

There have been many studies undertaken and reports done on how the Bio Oxygen air treatment methods clean the air and make it healthy to breathe again. You can read the reports below to understand how powerful and necessary Bio Oxygen is.

Tobacco Reports  Air Purifier Bio Oxygen Worldwide

Bio Oxygen manufacture a solid range of air purifiers which remove cigarette smoke from the room and also neutralise the odor. Cigarette smoke odours can be very strong and unpleasant. In addition, the carcinogens have been proven to enhance chances of cancer and other diseases. Clean air is essential in keeping your staff and patrons healthy and happy.

Installing an air purifier that is suitable for the size of your building and the intensity of the cigarette smoke is essential. You can see by the reports below, that we have commissioned extensive studies regarding the effectiveness of Bio Oxygen against cigarette smoke and odour.