tree pure airCarbon Dioxide and The Bio -Oxygen Process. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) decays naturally at a certain rate, however, the Bio-Oxygen Process speeds up the decay of Carbon Dioxide and therefore Carbon Dioxide levels are lower in a Bio-Oxygen treated area than in a non-treated area.

Bio-Oxygen is an environmentally green process because it enhances the decay of carbon dioxide.

About Carbon Dioxide

An odourless and colourless gas, carbon dioxide is naturally occurring and vital to all life on earth. This chemical compound is comprised of a carbon atom double bonded to two oxygen atoms. It exists in the atmosphere of earth in gas form and exists naturally in hot springs, volcanoes and geysers.

Carbon dioxide is found in carbonate rocks and as they dissolve in water and acids it becomes free. Water soluble, carbon dioxide is found naturally in groundwater, ice caps, glaciers. Also found in rivers and lakes, carbon dioxide is also present in sea water.

A source of life on earth, carbon dioxide produced by every aerobic organism metabolising carbohydrate. This gas is returned to the atmosphere from water exhaled from the lungs of fish and land animals. Carbon dioxide is also produced during the organic decaying process as well as during combustion of fossil fuels, wood, natural gas and petrol.

Used widely in industry, carbon dioxide is also used in drinking water and carbonated drinks. In its solid form, carbon dioxide is known as dry ice.

Carbon Dioxide and The Bio -Oxygen Process

Since Bio-Oxygen increases the decay rate of carbon dioxide